Passage through Spacetime
Front cover

Part I. Hello Mr. Feynman!
     1. What Little I Know about Feynman
     2. We See Feynman Everywhere
Part II. Book Reviews
     Religion and Philosophy
     Life Science
Part III. Vicky: A Novella
     Sorekara and Sanshiro
     Write to You instead of Sam
     Just a "Good-bye"
     The New Year Card
     Stupid Idea?

The free PDF version of this book is downloadable by clicking the link lines below. Those who have downloaded and read it are encouraged to write comments at the Facebook page of this book.

Download the text including Contents, Preface and Index (389-KB PDF)
Download photogravure pages 1–2 (565-KB PDF)
Download photogravure pages 3–4 (617-KB PDF)

August 1, 2011; modified February 27, 2012

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