KIMURA, Kiichi (1904-1992)

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KIMURA, Kiichi

Born April 7, 1904, Kyoto; died July 8, 1992. Japanese experimental nuclear physicist.

Kimura graduated from Faculty of Science, Kyoto University, in 1929 together with Hideki Yukawa and Sin-itiro Tomonaga. Since 1930, he worked under Professor Bunsaku Arakatsu at Taihoku Imperial University, and built Japan's first accelerator together with Bunsaku Arakatsu in 1934. He gained the D.Sc. degree in 1940, and became Professor of Department of Physics, Kyoto University, in 1945. He was appointed as Director (part-time), Radiation Center of Osaka Prefecture, in 1959, and as Director, Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University, in 1963. He retired from Kyoto University and became Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University, in 1968. He published more than 70 scientific papers, and co-authored the book "Modern Physics" (in Japanese). There is also a collection of his essays entitled Atomu-no Hitorigoto (An Atom's Talking to Itself) (read one of chapters Toyotomi Ieyasu).

[Description of Kiichi Kimura in Japanese is given on a Wikipedia Japan page.]

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K. Kimura
Kiichi Kimura
(Quoted from Atomu-no Hitorigoto by permission of Iwane Kimura)

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