Cited from: Online IRPS Bulletin, Vol. 14, Nos. 2/3, Page of Reports From Members


EMID: Electron-Material Interaction Database

Valentina Lazurik

Institute of Radio-Physics and Electronics 

Kharkov,   Ukraine

Tatsuo Tabata

Institute of Data Evaluation and Analysis and Osaka Prefecture University
Sakai,    Osaka,    Japan

Valentin Lazurik

Kharkov National University
Kharkov,    Ukraine

Using empirical formulas and algorithms developed by Tabata et al., this database carries out calculations on the client-side computer, and provides the user with plots and numerical data of quantities related to the passage of fast electrons through thick layers of matter. Plane-parallel electron beams of energies mainly in the region from 0.1 to 20 MeV incident on various materials are considered. The quantities treated are energy deposition, primary-charge deposition, transmission and backscattering coefficients and ranges by different definitions.

EMID also allows the user to compare the curves of the quantities, for example, as a function of absorber depth, between different incident electron energies or different absorber materials. Thus the database would be useful in getting not only an insight into the general trends of the interactions of electrons with matter but also quick evaluation of the effects of electron irradiation in such applications as materials modification, food preservation and sterilization of medical products.

This database has been developed by using the modern Web technology, has friendly interface and is accessible also by users not possessing special knowledge in the areas of computer technologies and the passage of radiation through matter.

The Web database EMID is available at the following URLs:


[Note added later: The above URLs are old ones and not available now.]


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