EMID: Electron-Material Interaction Database
Version 1.5; May 2012
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To provide:


The depth-dose curve, the depth-charge curve, the number-transmission curve, etc. of plane-parallel electron beams mainly in the energy region from 0.1 to 20 MeV


The values of the continuous slowing-down approximation range, the extrapolated range, the average reach (originally proposed as the average depth of electron penetration), the average penetration depth (also called projected range), and number- and energy-reflection ratios (at saturation)


A good insight into the general trends of the interactions of fast electrons with thick layers of matter (effectively semi-infinite media or slab absorbers)

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Methods Used

Analytic formulas and algorithms developed by Tabata and his coauthors.

A joint product of Radiation Dynamic Group, Kharkov National University, and
Institute for Data Evaluation and Analysis
Copyright © 2000 Valentin Lazurik and Tatsuo Tabata

Users are requested to cite EMID (including the URL) and related references
if they refer to the results of this program in a paper.

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